Discover why a staggering 33.3% of ALL

FORTUNE 100 Companies AND over

2,000,000 of Ambitious Individuals use this

Quantum-Shifting SUPER TOOL to achieve

Extraordinary Results!


Dear proactive business leader,


In less than 29 minutes you can know THE TRUTH.


If you’ve ever wondered:


  1. what’s holding you and your people back
  2. how to elicit and keep alive stellar performance in your organisation
  3. and how to make everyone in your company – including yourself – play full-on, even when the going gets tough, then you can have all that and more, TODAY, as long as you can do one thing…


…copy the giants.


Right now, industry leaders like AMP, American Express, IBM, Minter Ellison, Colorado Group, Commonwealth Bank, Coca Cola, DuPont, Johnson & Johnson, Xerox and many other successful companies as well as MILLIONS of ambitious individuals secretly use this groundbreaking SUPER TOOL to out-think, out-perform, out-strategise and out-sell their competitors in today’s tough economic times.


Successful individuals are not smarter than

you – they probably leverage their FOUR

QUADRANTS a little bit BETTER!


While it’s easy to have a high-profit organisation in good times, business can become a ‘blood-sport’ when your competitors are forced to do anything just to keep their heads above water.


In today’s competitive environment, it is all too easy to get demotivated employees, dissatisfied customers and ill-informed suppliers. Perhaps those mistakes, faults and team dysfunctions are costing your company MONEY right this minute.


arrow1If only you could figure out how to solve your people problems for good, your organisation could become cash-flow positive and on the way to unbeatable. If only you knew how to spark, activate and sustain your A-level game - where you and your people produce extraordinary results consistently - your company could become a high-productivity and high-profit organisation with less effort.


That’s why you need to learn how to use the latest brain research to your advantage…


World-class companies understand how to tap into their people’s FOUR QUADRANTS on demand. That’s what makes these companies unstoppable. you_can_too


That’s exactly what Whole Brain Intelligence will help you and your company accomplish and sustain.



Whole Brain Intelligence is a TWO-part process:


1stis a simple yet profound 20-minute Four Quadrant brain assessment tool called the Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI).


2ndis making sure you understand how to translate the data and findings into bottom-line RESULTS for your company.



Who Should Register


If you’re a business leader, you need to understand how you can unlock your leadership potential and increase your level of performance and productivity to start achieving your goals with less effort.


If you are a manager or executive, you need to understand how you can leverage your people’s learning styles and cultural norms - both in groups and one-on-one settings - to motivate, manage and achieve extraordinary results for your company.


If you are an ambitious individual, you need to figure out how to shatter limiting beliefs, erase life long patterns, and achieve peak performance in business, career and life a little more consistently.


If you’re in sales or dealing with customers on a daily basis, you need to understand how to connect skilfully with various types of customers quickly, effectively and professionally.



Whole Brain Intelligence will help you, your people, and your organisation spark, cultivate and keep alive the kind of behaviour that will turn your company into a high-profit, high-productivity and high-satisfaction enterprise.

HBDI exposes hidden subconscious blocks in individuals AND profit-eating traits in organisations. It is exactly the same process many forward-thinking Fortune 100 companies use today to produce stellar growth and results no matter what the economy is doing.


How does it work?

HBDI evaluates you and your people’s preferences to use certain areas of the brain more than others. Keep in mind that your unique thinking style governs the way you interpret information, make decisions, solve problems and communicate with others.



factMost people have developed an unfortunate bias for one particular quadrant instead of using the full Four Quadrants of their brains. That could be exactly what is causing you to be stuck, limited and producing results that are way below your true potential.



HBDI identifies and measures the strength of preference for each of the four distinct thinking styles. These correspond to the cerebral hemispheres and the limbic system of the brain. HBDI measures not only a person’s preference for right-brained or left-brained thinking, but also for rational, practical, cognitive or visceral thinking.


It identifies the GAPS you and your people have in emotional, analytical, structural and strategic thinking.  Click here to:




HBDI is not a measurement or a personality test. It empowers participants to understand individual diversity, and enhances a group’s thinking, learning and communicating abilities. It will help individuals look into their own success makeup or ‘DNA’ to understand what’s stopping them from becoming more effective, productive and socially adept.


Once you understand you and your team’s thinking preferences, you can proactively work solutions around creativity, innovation, communication, conflict resolution, learning styles and work environment.



Your biggest challenge

Collecting ACCURATE data and translating it




HBDI is a virtually perfect system that scans people accurately. The only problem?  Some people don’t give accurate answers, not necessarily because they are dishonest but perhaps because they are afraid of what the outcome might be.


Many good companies stay mediocre because their people refuse to recognise and correct their own shortcomings. Nobody wants to appear inadequate or show his/her deficiencies. Yet that’s exactly what could be holding you and your company back.


The old adage that you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink is also true in this case. You can bring the latest mind-science technology like HBDI to your organisation, but your people will probably be reluctant to use it, for all the wrong reasons.



That’s why you need the SECOND critical part of the program:



Australia’s #1 Personal Potential Provocateur takes raw data and turns it into a simple ACTION STEPS guaranteed to catapult your company to the next level!



blue_arrowDave Lourdes understands what it takes to unleash peak
performance in people…


For the past 20+ years Dave, Founder and Director at Evolving Human Potential, has been helping thousands of ordinary people unleash their true potential and become extraordinary high-achievers. Dave will show you how to use the groundbreaking HBDI technology to your advantage.  

Chances are that there are people in your company who are not playing full on, who are holding back, and maybe holding the bar too low for themselves. HBDI technology will bring those individuals out of their shells. Dave will be there by their side, not only to make sure they WANT to do it but so they are excited about stepping up to the next level of performance…


Imagine the difference that could make to the bottom line of your company!


While many people can administer the HBDI assessment tool, not many have the experience, knowledge and expertise to take raw data and turn it into a plan of action. That’s what sets Dave clearly apart. Dave understands human nature the way not many peak-performance or management experts do, simply because…





Dave’s experience, as a corporate coach, trainer, professional speaker and conference facilitator, spans over 20+ years, 487 workshops, plus seminars and special events with over 11000 attendees, from everyday employees to senior executives in corporate positions. Dave understands how to help your people shatter their limiting beliefs and unleash their true potential.




  • ANZ
  • BankWest
  • Vic Roads
  • City West Water
  • South East Water
  • Kalari
  • IBIS World
  • Impact Leisure Services
  • Salvation Army Employment Plus
  • The Precinct
  • Global Tiger Logistics
  • And many other multilayered corporations and even small businesses!


To read more about Dave’s success stories simply click – Dave’s Success Stories.


There are many HBDI practitioners out there. But there is only one Australia’s #1 Personal Potential Provocateur. Dave will give you assistance in the interpretation and strategic application of the data. That’s why Dave has developed Whole Brain Intelligence.


Whole Brain Intelligence will help transform your organisation. It will shift mindsets, inspire people to think in a new way, improve collaboration, improve culture, motivate people to higher levels of performance, generate energy, engagement, enthusiasm and commitment.


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What you don’t know can hurt you!

Whole Brain Intelligence combines HBDI technology with Dave Lourdes extensive knowledge, experience and expertise to give you just what you need to elicit your absolute best potential and/ take your company to the next level.


Once you go through this eye-opening program, it will become clear to you and your people what’s holding things back and how you can quickly and easily remove any limiting thoughts, subconscious roadblocks and internal barriers that are stopping you from producing extraordinary results.



Take Your Company To the NEXT Level With

LESS Effort!


Some people are great at generating new solutions and ideas. Others are great collaborators and team players. Still others have a detail-oriented methodical, step-by-step approach to problem solving. And there are those who are focused and driven to achieve. Perhaps some in your company are good and other mediocre…


blue_starImagine if you could wave a magic wand and transform EVERYONE in your company, including yourself, into a TOP producer. Well, Whole Brain Intelligence could be just what your company needs because it will help transform participants into:



Better salespeople. By using the Four Quadrants model as a communication filter, you can anticipate how different customers are most likely to react to certain messages. You can then craft your message in the most appropriate way – a way that will shoot your sales through the roof!


Better communicators. By understanding other people’s thinking preferences, you will be able to communicate more effectively, take the emotional charge out of differences, make solid decisions quicker, increase team capacity and company success, and more.


Better time managers. Once you understand your own unique thinking patterns, you should finally see what limiting thoughts and self-destructing behaviours keep sabotaging your efforts to move forward and utilise your time to your best advantage.


Better leaders. An awareness of your own and others’ thinking styles reduces misunderstandings, increases interaction and leads to more effective outcomes. That will help you build and maintain a balanced team where everybody has the capacity and natural ability to contribute to the attainment of organisational goals.


Peak performers. By tapping into your Four Quadrants and synchronising both halves of your brain, you will understand how to sharpen your skills, strengths and talents to a razor sharp edge.



Whole Brain Intelligence will also teach participants how to:


  • Deal with rejection, potential failure, persistent disappointment and customer service difficulties – professionally.
  • Improve decision-making, problem solving and planning skills.
  • Empower your employees to connect with clients and colleagues more naturally.
  • Eliminate team dysfunctions in your organisation.
  • Help your executives stay positive under pressure – that would make your sales people more effective instantly!
  • Resolve conflict quickly without damaging your company’s culture.
  • Increase job satisfaction and decrease staff turnover.
  • Train your brain to be accustomed to new ways of thinking.
  • Overcome procrastination and get more done in less time!
  • Understand what kills your public speaking potential.
  • STOP the destructive cycle of “putting out fires” that wastes time, costs money and compromises your credibility.
  • Think and act in environments that are fast-paced, rapidly changing, and highly uncertain.
  • Ensure the culture is aligned with company’s values and core objectives.
  • Gain the confidence to market yourself and your services authentically.
  • Get out of your own way and achieve your full potential.
  • Increase your influence and powers of persuasion so you can get what you want without pushing people around.
  • Predict human behaviour – an indispensible skill for the leaders of tomorrow!
  • Spend less time in endless reviews, politics, and paper drills.


Register Now


Are there any activities that you avoid, put

off or don’t perform as well as you should?

If you or your people are not systematic enough or detail oriented or creative and holistic in their thinking when the situation demands it, you and your people MUST learn how to adapt quickly. That’s why you and your people must to update their mindset to be able to meet the demands of today’s cut-throat business environment.


If you want an unfair advantage, you need to COPY the GIANTS…


HBDI technology is the latest proven, mindset-shifting SUPER TOOL that gives many Fortune 100 and MILLIONS of ambitious high-achievers around the world a TRULY unfair advantage – make sure YOUR company is not left behind!


Whole Brain Intelligence takes HBDI technology to another level. It will help you and your people step up and start playing an A-level game a little more often. It will help you develop a winner’s mindset…


A powerful mindset will override instinctive negative feelings like fear, panic and vulnerability that make you stuck, limited and frustrated with your performance. A powerful mindset makes you step out of your comfort zone and play full on.


Whole Brain Intelligence will help you transform your organisation into a high-profit, high productivity and high-satisfaction enterprise!


Whole Brain Intelligence has 3 simple steps…


1As soon as you register, you’ll receive a welcome phone call to
confirm the registration.


2This will be followed by an online survey that will take approx
20-30 minutes to complete


3A personal coaching session with Dave will help you figure out
the next best steps.


Your red_hot investment


Big corporations regularly pay Dave $850.00/hour for his time, knowledge and expertise because he produces TANGIBLE RESULTS for them. Dave’s numerous success stories and accomplishments speak loud and clear.


Keep in mind that Dave will not only administer the HBDI assessment tool in your company. He will also utilise his hands-on knowledge, experience and expertise to help you understand the implications that your results have for your business and personal life, and how to turn the findings into a SOLID STEP-BY-STEP PLAN that you can put into action the very NEXT DAY. That will be priceless to you and your company.


Your only investment is $397.00 for both the HBDI personal assessment program PLUS a 1.5-hour one-on-one coaching session (worth $1275.00) with Dave. Order right now and you will also get a HBDI Confidential Personal Profile Information Folder (valued at $197), which includes:


  1. box1HBDI Profile Overlay – this is a full-colour transparency which identifies and measures the strength of preference for each of the four distinct thinking styles, which correspond to the cerebral hemispheres and the limbic system of the brain.
  2. HBDI Data Summary – lists 13 key highlights that give you full and clear understanding about your HBDI profile. You will understand the thirteen ‘invisible’ traits that make you unique as an individual.
  3. An explanation of your HBDI profile – this 1-page report will describe each of the four quadrants of your personal preference in descending order giving you the most important information on how you can become a whole-brained individual.
  4. Understanding the Herrmann Model – 7-page report. Here you will understand how HBDI can help you improve your communications skills, teamwork, and problem solving ability.
  5. Reading Your Profile Step-by-Step – 11-page report that breaks down the elements of your profile so you understand the results in detail – black on white.
  6. How Does Your Profile Compare to Others – 15-page report that will give you a new perspective of yourself and people you deal with everyday, which will help you to unlock your leadership potential.
  7. Exploring Your Profile Ideas and Exercises – 11-page report. This will help you grasp the important findings, strategies and insights on a deeper subconscious level.




Think about it. Less than four hundred dollars stands between the person you are TODAY and the person you WANT to be. If what you’re doing isn’t producing the results you want, how long will you plan to keep on doing it? How much will it cost you if you stay where you are? Probably more than $397, don’t you think?


The only downside to this offer is that Dave  can accept just 3 quick and decisive companies each month that are ready to step up to the next level. Take action right now to be among those proactive people TODAY.






Whole Brain Intelligence is about REAL RESULTS. Your guarantee is simple. By going through the program, Dave guarantees that you will get AT LEAST three powerful distinctions that you feel are CRITICAL to helping you and your people step up to the next level of performance.


Dave will help you decide what that level of performance means to you and your organisation in his preliminary meeting with you. So you will know exactly what you can expect from this program.


Imagine how much MORE effective, MORE productive, MORE profitable, MORE satisfying, and MORE competitive your company could become if only you knew how to develop your real skills, strengths, and talents… Whole Brain Intelligence gives you that promise and guarantees it!


Every day, we set out to create a better life, a better career, or a better business. Sometimes we succeed, but often we fail because we simply fall into old patterns.

Old habits are just like Bruce Willis – they die hard. You go through life making the same mistakes every day – kicking yourself.


Whole Brain Intelligence will show you why you do what you do, why you produce the same mediocre results over and over, and how you can end the madness for good.


Whole Brain Intelligence is just what ambitious people need to take their game to the next level. Understanding your own behaviour is the key to developing yourself and understanding others.


Understanding the thinking styles of your customers and expanding the thinking styles of your workforce beyond their ‘regular’ preferences is a necessity in today’s complex and rapidly changing technological, sociological and financial environment.


REGISTER NOW & Stop Accepting Mediocrity In Your Business Or Life!



psIn today’s cut-throat business environment, you can’t run your company ‘ostrich-style’ keeping your head in the sand and not knowing what’s holding you and your people back. You must know THE TRUTH and deal with the facts so you can make intelligent strategic decisions. Whole Brain Intelligence will help you learn more about yourself and your people than perhaps you have learned over the past years and decades.


Keep in mind that, for logistical reasons, ONLY 3 quick and decisive companies each month can take advantage of this program – so register immediately!

When you have a problem, you’re right in the middle of it. You don't have an outside perspective. Perhaps many of your people are trying to improve their performance but don’t know how… that’s why you should invest in Whole Brain Intelligence. Your organisation will never be the same again.


Group bookings of 6 and more will receive 10% OFF the normal price.



Still undecided?

Ask any question about the Whole Brain Intelligence Program and we’ll help you decide if it’s right for you.


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